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Games & Sports

Sport strips away personality, letting the white bone of character shine through. Sport gives players an opportunity to know and test themselves. At PSM School, sports and games form an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and all. PSM School provides world class infrastructure for sports at its sprawling campus. With an amalgamation of more than 28 playing areas for almost all major games, the school gives sports a dominant appearance.

PSM School is a well-established Khelo India Centre of Sports Authority of India (SAI) offering 5 sports discipline: Boxing | Kabaddi | Judo | Wrestling | Wushu

And 6 Khel Nursery by Haryana Sports Department Archery | Weight Lifting | Fencing | Wrestling-2 | Volleyball


40 X 12 m Hall (3 mats)

26 X 16 m Hall (2 mats)

15 X 16 m Hall (1 mat)

3 Gyms, Dumbells, Dummies,Ropes

PSM School is well known school of India for Wrestling under the supervision of Dronacharya awardee Coach Shri Om Prakash Dahiya.


26 X 16 m Hall

Separate Gym

18 Punching Bags, 17 Wall Pads, 04 Speed Balls

2 Boxing Rings

Boxing is a combat sport that helps to build your confidence, focus along with self-defence. PSM School provides top class venue for students to realize their potential to the fullest.


1 Ground with Net Practice.

PSM School provides the budding stars of cricket with all the basic amenities like indispensable pitches, net practise facilities, equipments and open grounds with expert coaches.

Rifle Shooting

60 X 32 Feet

10 m Shooting Range (12 Stations, 02 Computerized )Target

A specialized indoor shooting range is a salient feature of school sports wherein students can specialize in 10m Air Rifle and Air Pistol. The range has supported the development of beginners at the sport into skilled shooters who have represented PSM at state and national level shooting competitions.


1 Hall with mat

Bag & Pads, Chest Guard, Head Guard, Gym

The displine of Taekwando leads to increase energy, better health, fittness and high self-esteem


30 X 15 m Ground

Improves upper body strength by working key arm muscles and boosts confidence. As a result of this consiousness Netball is a popular activity at PSM School.


2 Courts

The school’s outdoor basketball courts are of international standard size. The courts are also used for outdoor activities.


1 Court (18 m X 9 m)

We have two volleyball courts to enhance the physical development of the students.


400 m Track

Jumping and Throwing Pits.

PSM School has training facility for hugely popular athletic games. Running, Long jump, Hurdles, shot put, skipping, Discuss throw and many more……

National & Circle Kabaddi

25 X 20 m Hall

Kabaddi Mat

1 Dedicated Gym

Kabaddi is one of the ancient and most popular games in India. PSM School provides a good opportunity to our young players (students) not only to strengthen their stamina but to learn self-defence, discipline and team spirit through playing Kabaddi.


25 X 16 m Hall

2 mats

1 dedicated Gym

The school has made special arrangements for Judo & Karate learning in the school with well-qualified trainers so that students can best learn self-defence.


26 X 16 m Hall

2 Mats

1 Gym

18 Punching Bags

There is an inherent emphassis on discipline, focus and respect in the martial tradition


1 Hall with mat

1 Gym

PSM School introduces Pencak Silat, an Indonesian martial art, to its students so that they can familiarise themselves with the martial arts of different nations throughout the world.

Weight Lifting

26 X 16 m

Gym, Platform 4, 4 Sets of Weight Lifting, 12 Rods, 800 Kg Weight.

The sport of weightlifting is a muscle-building activity involving heavy weights. Besides being good students, the students at PSM School are extremely concerned about their physique. As a result of this consciousness weightlifting is a very popular activity at PSM School.


Archery Ground 100 X 30 m

08 Targets

Archery was considered as one of the greatest skills in wars during ancient times. We train our students in Archery under the guidance of expert masters of this art.


30 X 16 m Fencing Hall

Fencing has been a fast-growing, and successful discipline of game at PSM School. It offers many solutions to the challenges faced and requires both physical and mental abilities to work in tandem.


The 8 multi-gyms at PSM School have some of the best and latest equipment for maintaining the right body kinaesthetic

The students also have access to the school gym. Equipments as per the age and requirement have been installed where fitness is the key motive.


1 Gymnastic Hall (26 X 16 m)

The school has provided a gymnastic hall for students, which includes all of the necessary allied equipment for young gymnasts to develop an understanding of basic level gymnastics.


PSM School provides safe physiotherapy aims to restore proper functioning of the disabled or injured body part


Skating is a fun way to learn to balance the mind and body on wheels. The students of PSM School master the funfilled sport under the guidance of an experienced coach


1 Hall with Mat

The emphasis on moral values and ethics is laid at a tender age backed by time tested techniques of meditation, relaxation, aerobics and yoga to nurture a strong character and well-balanced personality

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