Affiliation No.: 530563
School Code: 40548
Welcome To Primary Wing

Every child is a shining star and filled with immense power. We try to illuminate the students shine brightly at the horizon of education. The primary section is bestowed with dedicated teachers who give shape to their future. Here teacher is a potter who gives him a good look. The students get chances to show and enhance their talents. We nurture the students in a way that they must be ideal citizens. Our motto is not only academic development of a child but holistic progress must go on. To enhances their self- confidence, many competitions as fancy dress, poem recitation, rakhi making, rangoli -making etc. are held time to time. Drawing competitions copy and notebook decoration competitions add colour to fun and frolic. Students participate in many types of games and select their favorite game and try to excel in it. Thus education and games go side by side. Excursions and trips are also organized to provide education beyond classroom theory. Regular assessment of a student's progress both in academics and other activities is done through CCE system. Students participate in all activities with a great zeal and enthusiasm. We try to inculcate all the qualities of head and heart in the youngsters. Dodging Tables, English and Hindi dictation competitions are held to increase their interest. "It is the base or foundation stone of every student."
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