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Welcome To Secondary Wing

The most important phase of students' life starts when the student steps in these classes. Vision and aim is the most important aspect of this stage. So the teachers concentrate on this vision and help them to achieve their objectives and aims. Our secondary sections are filled with new energy and zeal. The students try to excel in almost every field. They become conscious towards their goals. To develop their scientific approach based on "how and why" Science quiz and models and project presentation competitions are held time to time. Many competitions as Kalash decoration, book and copy decoration, and sports meet, display board competition, salad decoration competition, singing competition, speech competition, rangoli making competition etc. are organized to showcase their hidden talents and a foundation for future is laid. They try their best to achieve the good results in academic as well as sports. Students are vigilant towards their ambition. They try to prove themselves in their favourite stream. Some students get superb results by getting CGPA 10.0 and some show their prodigy in games by achieving medals.

Senior Secondary Wing

"A life without aim is like a kite without string." In this section we can see the gleaming eyes filled with a commitment to achieve the goal. Here every student is aim oriented. In this competitive age, a school has its deep impact on its students. Our staff members also indulge with a lot of interest to enable them to face all challenges and get success. Here we can see the would-be doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, so every child gets a platform to achieve their goals. This is done by using ultra modern teaching as smart classes and camera surveillance. The concepts are cleared with experimental methods. Our senior students prove their mettle by getting higher ranks in academics and showing commendable performance in the CBSE Exams. Many competitions are held to nurture their talent in academics and sports as well. There are many stars in our galaxy. Our student Ms. Ritu has established new records in education by being selected in Top 1% students and she will get scholarship of Rs. 80,000/- per year for five years by Inspire Scholarship Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology India. Experts and alumni are invited to guide the students and pacify their queries related to career. Moral values are cultivated in them so that they can contribute in making of a healthy society. Many players establish new records in various games at state, national and international level by bagging many medals.
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