Affiliation No.: 530563
School Code: 40548
Welcome To Pre - Primary Wing

"We have Nursery Wing called kids planet. Nursery class is the foundation of future." Young buds bloom in the healthy environment of P.S.M. where the mother teacher imprints many useful things in their mind as the child's mind is like a blank paper. The pre-primary of Pratap School unlocks the new vistas for the tiny tots' all round development. The Curriculum has been designed to develop their skills. The kids are prepared for upper level. More emphasis is given to the formation and joining of letters, pronunciation. Stories based on Panchatantra or moral theme are taught to them with the help of smart classes (Digital Teaching System), so that their interest and morality can be developed. Play way method is used to make the learning process effective and easy. Extra - Curricular activities like colouring competition, Dance Competition, Rhyme Recitation ( Hindi+ English ), Fancy Dress Competition, Hindi + English Handwriting Competition, Races are organized to enhance their social qualities as spirit of healthy competition, quality of leadership, fraternity, co-operation. Nursery Trained Teachers take care of every precious child by giving him/her mental affection and physical development through various latest methods.

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