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Science Project Competition

"Science project" competition is generally a competition where contestants present their science project results in the form of a report, display board, and models that they have created. Science project competition allow students to compete in science and/or technology activities. Science projects are normally intended to demonstrate scientific concepts on a small scale and often relate to green energy or student health. Science projects normally have to have a purpose, hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, experiment results, and a conclusion, and are normally intended to teach students about the scientific method.

Making Best Out of Waste Competition

"Making Best out of waste" competition are held every year in the school. All the children from each class participated in this competition with great enthusiasm. They made different things with materials like sand, ice-cream sticks, paper, thermocol sticks, used cards, etc. Childrens made utility items from waste materials and learnt the importance of recycling material.

Independance & republic Day Celebration

15th August (Independence Day) and 26th January (Republic Day) are celebrated with great enthusiasm in our school every year. A function organised to remember and pay tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lines for the freedom of our country.

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition of class I to V are organised every year in primary wing. The participants participated with great enthusiasm. The characters to be played for fancy dress competiton were like Plastic, Junk Food, Monster, Save Girl Child, Earth, Computer, T.V., Sun, etc. More and more children were encouraged to participate in the activity. The winners were annouced by the judges and congratulated. Other participants are also appreciated and encouraged. Overall the competition was a great success.

Speech (Hindi + English) Competition

"Speech and debate offers the opportunity to make friends, develop relationships, and discover things about yourself you never would have before! If you want to learn new things and be challenged, participate in speech and debate.

Singing Competition

We believe that singing is a discipline and art that opens out a way for the imprisoned splendour within us to escape. It is a means for finding what is best and brightest within the singer, what resonates most beautifully within his soul. When we open ourselves to the immediacy and joy of singing, we move closer to wholeness, closer to awareness, empowered by a harmony within us that lacks no love and has no need to find fault. By making music, man expresses what is noblest, deepest, and most worthy in life. Those listening, those experiencing the art, resonate to this beauty and move toward the same wholeness, awareness, and harmony within themselves.

Salad Decoration Competition

There are many hidden talents in our school who are needed to be brought up and this is the reason why our school organised Salad Decoration Competition.

Mehendi Competition

The Finishing School students showcased their talent in the Mehndi Competition held time to time. Irrespective of exposure and experience, they adorned their hands with mehndi designs which helped them boost their confidence in the art. The different types of designs which the students explored where; Indian mehndi designs, the Arabic mehndi design, Pakistani mehndi design and African mehndi designs.

Klush Decoration Competition

School organizes annual inter school competition 'Klush Decoration' every year to lend an impetus to the creative potential and latent talent of student in the field of art and craft as 'Klush Decoration' itself originally mean the art of creativity and performing art.

Rangoli Making Competition

Rangoli, the traditional art of expression.

Poster & Slogan Competition

All the students made beautifult posters based on the topics given to them like 'Save Wild Life", "Go Green", "My Favourite Cartoon", "National Integrity", and "Donate Blood". Slogans were also written by the students along with the posters.


Interhouse Sanskrit Shloka Competition are held in the school time to time. Participants had to recite shlokas from the 'Bhagwat Gita' and explain the meaning in Hindi/English. It helped students in understanding the essence of Gita, that is Karma should be performed wholeheartedly. The competition was judged by our judges. The event was a great success. Students enjoyed it thoroughly and at the same time gained wisdom.

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