Affiliation No.: 530563
School Code: 40548

"Man lives in deeds, not in years." In the beginning, we pay our homage to the departed soul late Ch. Pratap Singh Nambardar in whose sweet memory the school has been established by his four able sons Sh. Om Prakash Dahiya (Wrestling Coach SAI & Manager of Pratap School), Sh. Ved Prakash Dahiya (President Kanya Mahavidyalaya College Education Committee, Kharkhoda), Sh. Sat Prakash Dahiya (Namberdar, Rohna & Founder of the school) and Sh. Dharam Prakash Dahiya (Principal). Ch. Pratap Singh was a true human being, who believed in the golden rule of equality, fraternity and liberty. He was a follower of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and his philosophy. He used to invite the educationists from Arya Samaj to inculcate the healthy feelings and to oppose social evils spread in the society like- Idolatry, caste-system, superstitions, child-marriage and illiteracy etc.

He emphasized on the purity of food, milk and having good company of great characters. He motivated the people to lead their lives in a pious way as he himself followed simple living and high thinking. He was fond of sound physic & getting more knowledge. He wanted to spread education in the society. He encouraged the students to do their best by awarding them as per their ability. He was deeply involved in the uplift of society. According to him, "Life without action is death" and 'work is worship'. He raised his voice against injustice towards human beings and animals also and went to jail several times for safeguarding the cows and pastures and did Satyagrah for the development of our National language Hindi. He favoured Gurukul based education system. He believed that every work done with complete devotion would be fruitful.

The school is marching ahead on the right path shown by him and making his dream "creation of healthy society" true.

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